General terms and conditions

The purpose of the website is to present and sell the works of art of academic painter Tine Gorjup, which were acquired by inheritance. All the works on the website are published on the basis of the authorisation by the heir, Vojteh Valentin Gorjup. The website is managed by Centrum, vizualne komunikacije, Petra Čebela s.p. (hereinafter: Provider).

A User is a visitor to the website who shows an interest in making a purchase and places an order. The registration of the User on the website is free of charge and is merely for the purpose of executing and monitoring the purchase procedure.

The works of art in oil and watercolour and drawings are originals and are available for sale according to the first come first served principle. Once the work of art has been sold to the User, the User has the right to withdraw from the purchase or the contract within 14 days.

The prices of works in oil are not quoted on the website; these prices are to be agreed directly by the User and the heir.

The prices of the watercolours, drawings, etchings and digital reproductions are quoted excluding VAT – the Provider is not subject to VAT.

The digital reproductions are available in greater numbers; reproductions are made according to demand. The etchings are in a certain number of copies depending on the quality of the original etching plate.

With the use of this website, you have proved and confirmed you are acquainted with our terms and conditions and that you agree to them.


All rights to the content, works of art and presentations in any form on the website are reserved by the heir, Vojteh Valentin Gorjup. Reproductions of etchings and digital reproductions are implemented exclusively on the basis of the heir’s consent.

The reproduction is done on the basis of an offset print from the best print template by gravure printing. The plates are part of the inheritance and are owned by the family. The prints are made posthumously and marked according to the number of the series.

By doing so, the provisions of the act governing the protection of cultural heritage are observed, and copyrights and other rights are preserved.

All works published on the website have watermarks, and visitors to the website are not permitted to download or use them for personal purposes (reproduction, marketing or any other intentions for the User’s own promotion).

The Provider of the website is also presenting the works on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and manages the publication of suitably equipped works of art of her own accord.

A User using the website and the works of art published on the website in a way contrary to the manner described above bears full material and damage responsibility.

Availability of information

The Provider undertakes to always submit a Certificate and/or a certificate of purchase by the heir to the buyer for the purchase of the works of art.

The contact details published on the website are available for all additional information on the purchase procedure, purchase and method of delivery.

Works may be delivered by regular mail or, according to an agreement with the User, also by express mail or personal acquisition.

All prices on the website are expressed with clarity and unambiguously; it must also be evident if they include taxes and transport costs.

Payment method

The purchase of works of art on the website is possible via the PayPal system or by payment upon delivery.

The PayPal system functions by means of electronic payment with or without a payment or credit card.

Payment on delivery is a payment made to the provider of the postal service upon receipt of the delivery.

Purchase procedure

Receipt of the order
After placing an order, the User receives a notification by e-mail that the order was received. At this point, the User may revoke the order within one hour. The User may access data on the status and content of the order on the Provider’s website at all times.

Conformation of the order
If the User fails to revoke the order, the order undergoes further processing.
The Provider reviews the order, verifies the availability of the work of art and confirms the order or rejects it with a reason.
To verify data and ensure accuracy of delivery, the Provider may use the User’s contact data provided upon the purchase to contact the User. The Provider promptly informs the User via e-mail on current information relating to the delivery of the work of art.

Dispatched product
Before dispatching, the Provider photographs every work of art in oil and watercolour and drawings and etchings to resolve any complaints regarding the works of art that arise later. In an agreed time, the Provider prepares and dispatches the work of art and informs the User thereof by e-mail.


The delivery of works is implemented by Pošta Slovenije or another company authorised to deliver goods. The delivery of works is executed in 14 days from the day of the order. If the User fails to receive the work or notification within 21 days, the User must notify us at; we will then examine the cause of delay and arrange the delivery.

The User undertakes to provide a correct address for the delivery in order to receive the ordered or purchased work of art. In the case of a false delivery address, the Provider is not responsible for the undelivered work of art and reserves the right to the purchase money.

Delivery costs
The purchased work of art – Reproduction is delivered free of charge to Worldwide.

Acquisition of the work of art on the basis of payment upon delivery
The Provider bears the costs of a returned consignment not collected by the User. If, in spite of an unclaimed consignment, the User fails to notify the Provider on the withdrawal from the purchase or contract within 14 days from the implemented purchase, the Provider has the right to keep the purchase money.

If the same User purchases a work of art by means of payment upon delivery, the Provider reserves the right to deliver the work of art only on the basis of a prepayment by pro forma invoice. In this case, payment upon delivery is no longer possible.

Any intentional damage caused by ordering and not collecting ordered works of art and particularly false orders or a suspicion thereof shall be traced, and such cases and IP addresses will be submitted to the responsible authorities for further consideration.

Personal data protection

The Provider undertakes at all times to protect all personal information which is submitted to the website. Such information shall be used exclusively for the purpose of executing the order (submission of information material, offers, invoices and similar). In no case shall the information be forwarded to unauthorised third parties.

The User is also responsible for protecting their username and password and their computer.

The right to withdraw from the contract

The User has the right to notify the Provider of withdrawal from the contract in writing within 14 days of receiving the work of art without being obliged to provide reasons for their decision. The notification is considered to be delivered on time if the postal consignment is sent in due time. If the User withdraws from the purchase or contract, the User bears the costs of returning the work. The User must return the work no later than 30 days after submitting the notification of withdrawal.

The User returns the work to the address provided in the Provider’s invoice.

The return of a received work of art to the Provider within the period for the withdrawal from the contract (14 days) is also understood as withdrawal from the contract. In this case, the Provider must return to the User the sum paid within 15 days, with no additional requirements.

The Provider shall return the sum as soon as possible, but no later than 15 days from receipt of the notification of withdrawal from the contract.

The costs of repayment are borne by the User. In the case of consignments with redemption, we reserve the right to proportionately reduce the sum of returned purchase money. The invoice and all possible accompanying documentation received upon the collection of the work must be included in the consignment.

Before returning the work of art or to obtain additional information, the User must send an e-mail to

Complaints involving damaged consignments

If the packaging in which the work was sent is damaged, the User may complain to Pošta Slovenije or the company which executed the delivery of the work. This is done by submitting the consignment to the nearest business unit of the delivering company in the same condition as it was received and completing a complaint record. The Provider undertakes to resolve complaints in the shortest time possible. For additional information or assistance, the User may contact the Provider at

Discharge from liability

Although the Provider tries to provide updated and correct information on the website to the best of her ability, the characteristics of the works of art, their availability and price may change so quickly that the Provider is unable to correct the information on the website in due time. In this case, the Provider shall inform the User about the changes and enable a revocation of the order or exchange of the work ordered.

The Provider reserves the right to make any changes, partial or in whole, to any section of the general terms and conditions without prior notification. The changes are valid from the time of publication.

The Provider is not responsible for the correctness and completeness of textual descriptions on the website.

The Provider is not responsible for the content of opinions on works contributed by visitors to the website or social media, and is discharged from any responsibility arising from information in the opinions. The Provider tries to provide detailed photographs of the works of art on sale; however, all photographs must be understood as informative. The photographs do not accurately represent the characteristics of the works. The Provider reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time and in any manner, regardless of the reason and without prior notice. The Provider is not responsible for any occasional non-functioning of the website, possible inaccuracy of information or possible damage incurred due to the application of incorrect or incomplete information, and the inability to access and use information on this website.

Complaints, comments, requirements and statements

The Provider observes the applicable legislation on consumer protection. The Provider is obliged to implement an effective system for handling complaints. In the event of problems, the User may contact the Provider at

The Provider must confirm the receipt of a complaint and inform the User about the length of the handling procedure within five working days; the User must be informed on the course of the procedure on a ongoing basis. The Provider shall make every effort to resolve possible disputes by common consent and to the benefit of the User.